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Hello, I’m Sophie, your dedicated yoga instructor. With over a decade of personal yoga practice, I’m here to share the many benefits of yoga with you. My belief in yoga as a universally beneficial form of exercise has driven me to promote it as a way to enhance your life physically and mentally.

1-1 Yoga Instructor
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In my classes, I offer a refreshingly light-hearted approach. You won’t find strict or overly serious teachings here. Instead, we’ll delve into the world of physical asanas, the postures that shape our bodies and minds. My philosophy is simple: yoga should be enjoyable, challenging, and exciting. I’m passionate about sharing this practice and witnessing your progress.

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I offer 1:1 or small group sessions, either at my welcoming home in Coventry or, for your convenience, I can travel to you (additional charges apply). Private yoga instruction allows for more personalized progress, as I can tailor the sessions to your specific needs, analysing your capabilities and goals.



I’m Sophie. A yoga instructor, enthusiast and avid believer that yoga is the best form of exercise for everyone. I’ve had a regular practice for over 12 years and I love how yoga evolves as we do in life. 

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"I'm starting to see and feel the benefits now. It's been slow but I think the familiarity of the poses has sunk in now and my body has got used to them. I'm really enjoying your classes"
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"I have been having Sophie as my yoga teacher for over a year now. My yoga has come on immensely since having her. By far the best teacher I have been to, not only does she understand your strengths and weaknesses, she makes you feel so calm and relaxed at the end."
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"My tight shoulders have definitely started to ease by coming to class regularly. I can feel more range of movement"
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"I've really noticed an improvement in my lower back since I've been coming regularly to your classes. It's much less stiff. I love your classes."
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"I'm a complete beginner at Yoga, Sophie has made me feel at ease by understanding my goals and abilities. I'm loving the balance of strength and stretching, along with controlling my breathing and being in the moment with calm/mindfulness work - total recommend.
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"I love how informal your class is. It's always fun"
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"Thanks for always pushing and supporting me"