Lotus Yoga Pose


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Embark on a personalised wellness journey with me, your expert yoga instructor. My private yoga classes offer a unique blend of physical vitality and relaxation, tailored to your needs. Discover the joy of yoga, as we focus on your growth, strength, and flexibility, all within a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Upward Hand Yoga Pose
Yin and gentle flow yoga

Yin and Gentle Flow Yoga Class

Yin and gentle flow yoga - we use a mixture of passive poses to gently stretch the muscles, tendons and fascia, as well as some gentle mobilisation exercises and breath work
Vinyasa flow yoga pose

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

The Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class is aimed at those wanting to practice yoga in a sequence of flowing movements with a focus on breathing.


  • It can be practiced anywhere!
  • No expensive equipment is needed.
  • It instils a sense of grace.
  • Whether you seek energy or relaxation, yoga adapts to your needs.
  • Rapid progress is achievable.
  • It teaches perseverance and patience.
  • You can modify your practice each time, ensuring it never gets monotonous.
  • It enhances performance in other exercises, such as cycling.
  • Teaches you the art of rest.
  • Improves posture.
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  • With thousands of postures to explore, your journey never ceases.


Our 10-week programme is a crowd-favourite, offering you the perfect opportunity to witness the remarkable results and transformation that yoga can bring into your life.

The best way to reach your goals is to start, and remember, dedication to your practice is the path to seeing real results. For beginners, I recommend a commitment of 1-2 times a week. Let’s embark on this yoga journey together and unlock your full potential.


I offer 1:1 or small group sessions, either at my welcoming home in Coventry or, for your convenience, I can travel to you (additional charges apply). Private yoga instruction allows for tailored progress, as I can customize the sessions to your specific needs, analysing your capabilities and goals.

Here are some areas in which I can assist you:

  • Building strength
  • Enhancing mobility
  • Improving balance
  • Increasing stamina
  • Gaining flexibility
  • Achieving relaxation

If you’re an athlete, yoga should certainly complement your training regimen.

I’ll be in touch via email to understand your goals, lifestyle, and exercise habits, ensuring each session is tailored to your unique needs, whether you prefer a more general approach or a laser focus on specific goals.


To start your yoga journey, I offer single 1-hour sessions for £35 or a cost-effective block of 10 sessions at £330 (to be used within 4 months, each lasting 1 hour). Consistency is key to progress. For beginners, practicing 1-2 times a week is highly recommended.